Suitable for crops

TRIAFOL – a systemic fungicide for the protection of crops and sugar beets against a complex of the most common diseases

Active ingredient: flutriafol, 250 g / l

Formulation: suspension concentrate, (COP)

Tare unit: 5l canister

Hazard class: 3 hazard class (moderately hazardous compound), 2 class soil resistance

Warranty period of storage: 3 years

Mechanism of action

Systemic fungicide of protective and curative (treating) action, inhibits the process of demethylation of sterol biosynthesis and violates the selectivity of pathogen cell membrane permeability. A distinctive feature of flutriafol is its ability to quickly penetrate the plant and move through the tissues. Due to its high mobility, flutriafol quickly moves to the site of localization of the infection, eradicating the disease and providing long-term protection of crops. Systemic and contact action is complemented by a fumigation effect.

Range of action of the drug

Fungicide of contact and systemic action with the highest among triazoles the speed of movement through the plant. It is effective in the processing of cereal crops against powdery mildew, rust, septoria, rhinosporiosis, net blotch, as well as sugar beets – against cercosporosis, powdery mildew, phomosis. A feature of the fungicide Triafol is its excellent action against types of rust.

Compatibility with other drugs

Compatible with most fungicides and insecticides. In each case, a check is necessary on the physicochemical compatibility of the mixed components.

The influence of environmental conditions on the effect of the drug

Triafol is able to quickly penetrate the surface of the sheet, which leads to the rapid absorption of the active substance. This property of flutriafol determines one of the unique features of the triafol fungicide – its high rainfall stability. Precipitation after 0.5 hours after treatment does not affect the effectiveness of the fungicide.

Recommendations for the introduction of the drug

Triafol is used during the growing season when the first signs of the disease appear. The best effect is given by double spraying with an interval of treatments of 2-3 weeks.

Cereals – by intensive technology double processing of plants is most effective:

– processing at the beginning of the exit to the tube;

– processing after the appearance of the flag sheet.

The decisive role is played by the protection of the two upper leaves, on which the filling of the grain depends, therefore it is very important to prevent the development of diseases by the protective and prophylactic treatment with Triafol.

Sugar beet – with the appearance of the first signs of disease.

The use of the drug is prohibited:

In personal subsidiary plots;

By aviation method;

In the sanitary zone of fisheries.

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