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New time is another challenge to the humanity. Society lives constantly speeding up and changing. The change of principles, concepts and assessments is happening faster. A lot of things that seemed obvious yesterday are not evident today and tomorrow it may completely contradict common sense.
We who are living and working now and here on Earth also need to change, keep up with the demands of the times, grasp the right trends, support and develop them.

Being engaged in any business or work in order to ensure a decent life for ourselves and our loved ones, we should think about next generations, what Earth they will live on. The nature reminds us of this more and more loudly, forcing us to take a closer look at environmental issues, take care of all the resources on the planet, realize that forest, air, water and, surely, the earth itself will not forgive us for squandering and neglecting them.

Obviously, a special responsibility in the issue of nature preservation and the related problem of human food security lies with those who directly work with nature, who ‘make agreements’ with it. Certainly agriculture is one of the most vital sectors of many states, including Russia.

The entire Neoport team feels itself a part of this industry, recognizes responsibility and makes efforts to ensure that Russian agriculture becomes a prosperous part of the economy, that the farming culture is in line with the spirit of the times, the applied technologies are the embodiment of the latest scientific achievements, so that market competition does not leave companies and farms devastated and ruined, but push market participants to scale new heights in technical and economic development, formulating fair and effective rules of the game. And the most important thing is that people who love the land and feel the need to engage in this difficult craft come to the industry. And
we are looking for such people.

As a supplier of a wide range of plant protection products, fertilizers, icronutrient fertilizers, inoculants, stimulants and growth regulators, as well as technological products for controlling the properties of seeds, water and soil, we remember the importance of their proper use.Therefore, we pay special attention to that part of the work where we share all the accumulated nowledge with customers. The integrated agronomic service mode allows our customers to receive qualified attention directly on the customer’s territory at every stage of the crop cycle – from preparing seeds for sowing to harvesting and storage. Soil analysis, climate risk assessment, development and implementation of plant protection and nutrition plans and soil fertilizers are a product of interaction without which getting rich harvest is impossible.

In turn, we gain invaluable experience and the opportunity to constantly learn, which we are grateful for to our customers and sincerely interested in such cooperation, as we completely realize that the success of our partners and customers is our success. We work with clients operating in many regions of Central Russia, Siberia and the Far East, where we provide logistics systems for storing our products and delivering them promptly.

The company central office is located in Moscow, and our regional branches are located in Krasnodar, Blagoveshchensk, Ussuriysk, Spassk-Dalniy. But we are open to cooperation in any region of the country and are ready to show flexibility in matters of prices for our products and services. In addition, our website will help to shorten the distance and get more information about the work of the company.

We invite you too! Together with our customers and partners, we generate growth energy and try to do it carefully and efficiently!

G.M. A. Grishin


Due to the high quality of the preparations and the comprehensive service in their use, Neoport LLC has long-term relationships with many holdings and agricultural producers in such regions of the Russian Federation as the Central Federal District, Primorsky Territory, Bashkortostan, Krasnodar, Stavropol Territory and many others.



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