Company LLC Neoport

Distributor of plant protection products (pesticides), seeds and fertilizers.

The portfolio of plant protection products offers 38 preparations, which allows for comprehensive protection of crops of grain, sunflower, sugar beets, canola, potatoes and other garden and industrial crops from diseases, pests and weeds.

One of the important components of modern agricultural production is the system of pesticides. The company’s specialists have developed protection schemes for all major crops cultivated in Russia. Today, Neoport LLC has implemented a major project to protect soybeans in the Far East and protect winter rape in Kaliningrad. Also, the company’s branches in Bashkiria and the Belgorod region became suppliers of plant protection products to the largest holdings in their regions.


Due to the high quality of the preparations and the comprehensive service in their use, Neoport LLC has long-term relationships with many holdings and agricultural producers in such regions of the Russian Federation as the Central Federal District, Primorsky Territory, Bashkortostan, Krasnodar, Stavropol Territory and many others.



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