Agronomical support of farms

A scientifically based system of protection against diseases and pests, in combination with a balanced diet, is the key to success in realizing the biological potential of a culture.

The Department of Microbiology and Phytopathology of the Agroanalysis-Center laboratory conducts research for the accurate diagnosis of pathogens, the development of pests, and the determination of harmful thresholds.

The research package includes:

diagnosis of external and internal infection of seeds with fungal and bacterial infections;

determination of the generic composition of pathogenic microflora;

diagnosis of the development and spread of pests and phytohelminths;

studies of the effectiveness of pickling compositions of drugs;

diagnostics of the structure of pathogens of vegetative plants;

recommendations of active ingredients for the successful fight against diseases and pests.

Агрономическое сопровождение хозяйств

Integrated approach of NeoPort LLC

Agrochemical and soil surveys

Properly prepared soil and balanced mineral nutrition are the basis of a high yield. The need for any fertilizer can be determined only after laboratory analysis. The soil department of the Agroanalysis Center laboratory carries out analyzes for various indicators.

Key definition parameters:
determination of salt content in the soil: carbonates (HCO3-), chlorides (Cl-), calcium (Ca2 +), magnesium (Mg2 +), sodium (Na +), potassium (K +), sulfates (SO42-);

determination of the actual, exchange and hydrolytic acidity of the soil;

determination of the content of organic matter (humus);

cationic anionic analysis of aqueous extracts using a capellar electrophoresis system;

morphological diagnostics of soil processes unfavorable for plants;

determination of hydrological constants of PV, PPV, VZ, VRK;

determination of productive moisture reserves;

determination of soil agrophysical parameters (particle size distribution, aggregate composition, density, solid phase density, total porosity, aeration porosity);

creation of digital, soil maps, agrochemical cartograms, cartograms – tasks for the differential application of mineral fertilizers.

Комплексный подход ООО «НеоПорт» Комплексный подход ООО «НеоПорт»

Phyto-examination of seeds, planting material, vegetative plants and entomological studies

Our company first of all provides the opportunity for a complete integrated agronomic support at all stages of agricultural production.

This service implies a comprehensive approach with a detailed study of all aspects, conducting the necessary analyzes and constant monitoring of plant growth, as well as the maturation of the future harvest. The agronomic service process involves several steps, from planning to harvesting. Our services for obtaining a guaranteed quality crop are provided upon conclusion of a contract with agriculture.

The first step to getting a good harvest is detailed planning. First, a detailed study of the economy is carried out. After this, a detailed program is drawn up with a clear indication of the timing of application and types of mineral fertilizers for each crop, special measures to protect plants from diseases, pests and weeds and their prevention. The main outcome document is a report on the work done with the economic efficiency of the application of this technology for growing different types of cultivated plants.

After the planning stage is completed, approval is made with the head of the household on material and organizational issues. Achieving the indicated level and quality of the crop depends on the strict adherence of the drawn up plan to the farm in the required sequence. Precisely step by step. To ensure detailed control and effectiveness of the events, all information is entered into a special journal on agronomic services. It is in it that our employee constantly monitors and records all ongoing work on the care of plants.

Фитоэкспертиза семян, посадочного материала, вегетирующих растений и энтомологические

Phyto-examination of soil

When using modern intensive agricultural technologies, farmers have to deal with soil problems that are not dependent on the availability of nutrients. These problems are often called “soil fatigue.”

They are due to an imbalance of useful and pathogenic microflora in the root-inhabited layer.

Timely diagnosis of the composition of soil microbiota in many cases helps to make the right decision and minimize the loss of beneficial microorganisms and inhibit the development of pathogens through the use of necessary biological preparations and changes in technology elements.

Фитоэкспертиза почвы

Tissue (leaf) diagnostics of plant nutrition

In the life cycle of each plant there are periods of greatest sensitivity to each of the nutrients. To control the nutrition of plants during their active growth, as well as adjust fertilizer and top dressing, Agroanalysis Center conducts leaf (tissue) diagnostics.

It includes determination of the content in plants: total nitrogen (N total), phosphorus (P2O5), potassium (K2O), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sulfur (S), iron (Fe), boron (B ), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), cobalt (Co), molybdenum (Mo).

Tissue diagnostics allows you to identify the excess or deficiency of the nutrient element in time, which helps to differentially use fertilizers and preparations for foliar application and saves farming.

Chemical analysis of water for irrigation, chemical treatments and fertigation

Assessment of the quality and suitability of natural water for various crop purposes is carried out according to the following indicators:

acidity (pH);

electrical conductivity (EU);

the content of salts toxic to the plant;

dry residue (total mineralization);

cation-anion analysis on the system of droplet electrophoresis.

After the analysis, a conclusion is drawn on the suitability of water for the specified purpose and recommendations on bringing its quality to the required state.

Analysis of organic and mineral fertilizers

With the modern variety of fertilizers and preparations for foliar dressing, the constant emergence of new products from organic and mineral raw materials, questions arise regarding their true chemical composition, and the true value for plant nutrition.

“Agroanalysis Center” conducts a full chemical analysis of organic and mineral fertilizers and preparations for foliar top dressing. 

Химический анализ воды для орошения, химических обработок и фертигации Анализ органических и минеральных удобрений
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