Systemic, intestinal and contact insecticide for presowing treatment of seeds of wheat, barley, rape, corn, sunflower

Active ingredient: imidacloprid 600 g / l

Formulation: suspension concentrate, KS

Tare unit: 5 l canister

Guaranteed shelf life: 2 years in the original packaging at temperatures from minus 10 ° C to plus 30 ° C

Регламент применения препарата

Culture Harmful object Method, time, features of the use of the drug The consumption rate of the drug, l / t Waiting period (multiplicity of treatments)
Winter wheat Ground beetle Seed treatment. Working fluid flow rate – 10 l / t 0.6-0.75 60 (1)
Wheat, barley Intra-stem flies, bread fleas Seed treatment. Working fluid flow rate – 10 l / t 0.3-0.6 60 (1)
Rape Cruciferous fleas, ground pests Seed treatment. The flow rate of the working fluid is 10-18 l / t 3.0-6.0 60 (1)
Sunflower Wireworms and bedding wires Seed treatment. The flow rate of the working fluid is 10-17 l / t 8.0-12.0 60 (1)
Corn Wireworms and lodgers, intra-stem flies Seed treatment. The flow rate of the working fluid is 10-16 l / t 5.0-9.0 60 (1)

Mechanism of action

Imidacloprid best penetrates the body of an insect with food. Upon reaching the nervous system, it blocks postsynaptic cholinergic receptors that are sensitive to nitotine and located in insects in the central nervous system.

Визуальные признаки и скорость воздействия препарата

Signs of damage (small and frequent trembling of the abdominal part, tremors, involuntary shaking of the whole body, followed by prostration and paralysis) appear in insects 2-3 hours after treatment. The death of insects occurs after a few hours, in extreme cases, after 24 hours.

Compatibility with other drugs

If it is necessary to use tank mixtures with fungicides and other insecticides in each case, it is necessary to check the physicochemical compatibility of the mixed components. When preparing tank mixtures, direct mixing of the preparations without preliminary dilution with water should be avoided.

The influence of environmental conditions on the effect of the drug

It is preferable to use the drug in the early morning at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C. Precipitation within 1-2 hours after treatment reduces the effectiveness of the drug.

Recommendations for the introduction of the drug

The process of seed dressing should be fully mechanized using seed dressers such as PS-10A or Mobitox super.

Особенности применения

CONTADOR MAXI – systemic insecticide for presowing treatment of seeds. Effectively suppresses the development of pests (adults and larvae): like-winged, thrips, lepidopteran, beetles and others.

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