Selective contact herbicide for controlling annual dicotyledonous weeds in crops.

Mechanism of action

Bentus – contact selectively acting herbicide weakly moving along the plant. Penetrates into plants, mainly through the leaves. High humidity and elevated temperature (20-25 ° C), good illumination contribute to faster absorption of the drug by plants. The mechanism of action of bentazone is based on irreversible blocking of the transport of electrons involved in the process of photosynthesis. As a result of this reaction, the assimilation of CO 2 is interrupted , growth stops and the plant dies.

Range of action of the drug

Bentus is a highly effective post-emergence broad-spectrum herbicide for the control of  annual dicotyledonous weeds, including those resistant to 2,4-D and MPCA in crops of crops with sowing of perennial grasses, flax, peas and soybeans

Визуальные признаки и скорость воздействия препарата

Visible signs of weed inhibition, depending on weather conditions, appear 3-7 days after treatment with the herbicide. Complete weed death occurs in about 2 weeks.

Compatibility with other drugs

Bentus is compatible in tank mixtures with drugs that have a neutral and alkaline reaction. Not compatible with acidic drugs.


The use of tank mixtures of the Bentus herbicide is promising, since it expands the spectrum of its action on weeds. It is recommended that mixed preparations be tested for compatibility.

The influence of environmental conditions on the effect of the drug

N transpose temperature (20-25 ° C), good illumination contribute more rapid absorption of the drug plants

Rain immediately after treatment reduces the effectiveness of the drug

It is not recommended to use the drug if night frosts are expected.


Not phytotoxic when used subject to the regulations for use.

Sometimes immediately after spraying, especially at high temperatures and the early growth phases (cotyledons, 1 -th sheet), there burns on plants and lightening leaves, which gradually pass and do not appear on the leaves have appeared later. Usually this does not affect the subsequent growth of plants and the size of the crop.


The treatment of the most sensitive plants (peas) is recommended in cloudy weather at temperatures below 20 ° C (late in the evening or early in the morning). The different resistance of pea varieties to preparations based on bentazone should be taken into account .

Recommendations for the introduction of the drug

The drug is used by ground spraying . When ground spraying weeds using commercially available sprayers: OP-2000-2-01, OP-2000 OPSH-15 and others The flow rate of the working fluid is 200-300 l / ha.      

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